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Enter Site Ownership Information

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Stanford Sites, Stanford Sites Intranet, and Jumpstart Engineering sites require you to report information about site ownership on an annual basis, starting on November 3, 2023.

As a website owner, you are responsible for adhering to all University policies. The following guide covers what ownership information we require for these platforms, as well as links to pertinent policies.

Update site ownership information

If you are a Site Manager, you will be taken to your Site Settings page to report the following information on an annual basis. It is your responsibility to update this information anytime the information has changed.

To update this information at any time, go to Configuration>System>Site Settings and click on the Site Contacts tab. Site Contacts section has to be filled out completely in order to edit the Site Settings/Features tab. 


Update the information, and click Save.

Required information

  • Site Owner Contact Email. Who is the owner of the site? This should reflect the person ultimately accountable for site content. For some groups, this might be the person in charge of communications. For others, it might be the department chair, lab principal investigator, director, etc. This person does not need to be a site manager on the site. 
  • Primary Site Manager Email. Who is the primary technical contact for the site? This might be the primary web lead for the site. This person is expected to be a site manager on the site. Technical owners are responsible for being familiar with Stanford Sites policies and best practices.
  • Accessibility Contact Email. Who is the primary contact for accessibility for the site? This person should be a site manager on the site and have access to its SiteImprove reports. Accessibility contacts are responsible for being familiar with the university's accessibility policy, goals, and requirements.

For some sites, these contacts may all be the same person. An email address is required for each. You may add more than one contact for each category. We prefer site contacts who are individuals. If you use a shared email account and we do not get a response about a site renewal, please be aware that we may mark your site as abandoned.

  • Organization. What is the parent organization/affiliation for the site? Site owners can choose from a high-level list of organizations. For example, if your site is a department site, you should select the school(s) to which your department belongs. If your site is a personal site, select the organization that best reflects your primary affiliation with the university. There also are options for staff groups and student organization sites. If there is a parent organization that is missing from our list, please reach out via ServiceNow.

How site ownership information is used

Site owners. This information is used for site communications and lifecycle management.

  • Access requests. Primary Site Managers and Site Owners will be contacted if someone requests editing access to the site to approve or deny the request.
  • Site deletion. Primary Site Managers and Site Owners can request a site be deleted, or can approve a request to delete a site.
  • Site renewal. Business and technical site owners will be contacted yearly about renewing their site. 
  • Site retirement. Sites with contacts who are no longer affiliated with Stanford will be evaluated for retirement.
  • Communications. All site contacts will be added to mailing lists or other communication channels to receive information on policies and changes related to Stanford Sites.
  • Accessibility. Accessibility contact information will be shared with the Stanford Office of Digital Accessibility to facilitate access to SiteImprove and provide information about accessibility issues related to the site.
  • Reporting. Information about organizational affiliation will be used to provide organizations with reporting.

Site managers will be required to update this information annually. This information can be updated at any time. If the information has not been updated in 12 months, site managers will be prompted to update the information. 

What if I don't know how to fill out these fields?

Not sure how best to fill out this information? Reach out, we can help!