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Requested Features

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Last updated June 12, 2024


The following features have been requested on Stanford Sites.  Some of these items are in our development backlog for consideration. 

Check our Roadmap to see what is in active development or discovery.

List Pages/Lists Paragraph

  • Filterable grid of cards
  • Filterable and comparable grid of cards
  • Support for filtering nested taxonomies for Events, News, People and Publications
  • Alternate display options for Events, News, and People list pages
  • Ability to add secondary menus to Event, Event series, People, Publications, and News pages
  • Allow filtering on lists with "And"  (e.g. "show faculty AND staff")
  • Clickable map link on event list view
  • Improved sorting options for all List paragraphs
  • Have the filters be active only if there are tagged items in each category
  • Show the news featured image when the news list is in a row with multiple items
  • Custom sorting for People
  • Filter past events by taxonomy term
  • Ability to disable featured image on list paragraphs
  • Add the word "additional" to "No additional events at this time. Please check back later."

Site-wide features

  • Ability to control size of custom logo in the masthead
  • Provide a login button when there is not a local footer
  • Provide a footer with accessibility link in the Minimally Branded Subtheme
  • Allow main Super Footer area to span full width of the page
  • Ability to have the site be multilingual
  • Ability to connect to localization services


  • Ability to have the sidebar menu fully expanded
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Subsite/microsite support
  • Enable drop-down arrows to appear in the left hand navigation when sub-menu items are present
  • Right side navigation display
  • Left-aligned main menu


  • Ability to use inline styles with iframes or other embeddables
  • Responsive iframes
  • Removal of iframe border

Text Area Paragraph

  • Enable an option for grid systems to display images
  • Option to have a Footnote block style
  • Support for curly quotation marks and apostrophes

Card Paragraph/Card displays

  • Equal paragraph type heights by row
  • Improved styling for cards with long titles
  • Ability to move/copy a card from one page and paste it on a different page


  • Sort APA publications by author
  • More CTA links on publications, including DOI link
  • Ability to indicate submitted or working papers in Publications
  • Imports to Publications from common bibliography tools
  • Ability to show the issue, volume, and other citation information on the individual node page
  • Altmetrics support
  • Ability to auto-populate from PubMed, Google Scholar, Stanford CAP Profiles, or another database
  • Ability to add more fields to the Citation information (book chapters and editorship of an edited volume)
  • Option to add an author without a last name
  • Ability to have a different display besides APA and Chicago style

Content Management

  • Events content management view
  • Content moderation
  • Enable support for revision comparisons

New paragraph types

  • A links list paragraph type with header and description

Display options

  • Alternate display options for media items, tables, and cards
  • Support for section variants, such as background colors or background images
  • Ability to display multiple images through a carousel 
  • Top Banner consistent aspect ratio at all screen sizes
  • Other icon options for links (i.e. lock icon next to links for "protected" content)
  • Different display options for page titles
  • Ability to add an image in the Top banner body
  • Display credit image on a banner or other image
  • Option for older images to not be responsive
  • Overlay of text on top of an image on cards or banners


  • Ability to tailor site search for specific terms and uses
  • Improve site search
  • Clickable filter button to be able to search for items that match the filter
  • Ability to change the default placeholder for the search field "Search this site"


  • Support for Stanford Pass and non-SUNet login
  • Reviewer role for unpublished content


  • RSS feed for News
  • Import of RSS feed for News
  • Import of news from external sources

Person Profile Content Type

  • Pronunciation field
  • Remove required fields on People 
  • Hide contact icons when no phone number is listed
  • Turn off the feature to upload images to imported profile and add note for users to be aware of this for daily import sync of profiles from CAP

Stanford Sites Intranet

  • Remove social media icons on news items on Intranet automatically
  • Allow intranet site owners to define how the 404 page works


  • Import for Stanford Online courses
  • Ability to control which vocabulary is used for the sidebar filter


  • Automatic linking of Event back to Event Series
  • "Add to Calendar" functionality
  • Give option to import multi-day events as a single event with a date range
  • Add new Dek field with options to italics/underline

Not in the backlog

The following features have been requested but are not currently in consideration for development.

  • Ability to add an FAQ or accordion-style to content
  • Opening links in new tab
  • Carousel of images


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