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The Stanford Sites Drupal CMS has a variety of features that can be used to creatively display content in support of your communication goals.

Below are examples from our documentation and sites built on Stanford Sites.

Events examples

News examples

These are pages built using our dynamic News feature with exposed filters of taxonomy terms on the left:

These are examples of a News page built using our lists paragraph; here the exposed filters do not show on the left:

People profile page examples

These are pages built using our People feature:

These are pages built using text paragraphs. Taking this route can give you flexibility on image styles, placement, and content.

Contact page examples

  • Email links: As you can see, users can easily scan for mail links, which are styled with the mail icon automatically.
  • Contact forms: Embedding a Google Form works well. Advanced Form Notifications are an option so you receive an email when the form is submitted. Also, you can collect a SUNetID automatically for Stanford-facing forms.
  • Contact page with map and calendar: This example embeds a custom Stanford map and a 25Live calendar. Both systems offer embed codes that can be added to any basic page by requesting help from SWS.
  • Site-wide contact info: The local footer is designed to display contact information where people expect to find it. In addition to the address, add email links and phone numbers to the Local Footer; the phone link makes it easy for readers on a mobile device to simply click to connect.

Video examples