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Minimally Branded Subtheme

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Stanford Sites also has a Minimally Branded subtheme. This is appropriate for individuals, student and staff groups, or organizations with a looser affiliation to Stanford. 

About the Minimally Branded subtheme

The Minimally Branded subtheme is the default look and feel for group and individual people sites. Sites with this subtheme have the same sitebuilding features as sites with the Stanford Basic theme, but with a simple, minimal design and no Stanford Brand Bar, Stanford Wordmark, or Stanford Global Footer.

Minimally branded sub-theme layout example


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the Minimally Branded subtheme?

If your site is a student group, staff group, or you have a personal website on Stanford Sites, you should consider switching to the Minimally Branded subtheme. You can also consider removing the Stanford Wordmark from your site. Learn more about managing your site logo and branding.

If your site is ineligible for heavy Stanford branding, you may be asked to change your theme or settings.

Who can request a Minimally Branded subtheme?

Any site manager who has an eligible site can request this be activated on their Stanford Site. This can include groups, individual, or sites that are more loosely affiliated with Stanford. Schools, institutes, departments, or administrative units wanting to use less Stanford branding should contact University Communications.

How do I request the Minimally Branded subtheme?

You can request the Minimally Branded subtheme by filling out a help request.

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