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Add Images to the Media Library

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When you add in image to a paragraph or a page, it will automatically be added to your media library. You can also choose to add it directly to the media library for later use.

Upload an individual image to your media library

  1. Go to All Content > All Media > Add Media > Image. The Add Image page will open:
1. Adding an Image A user guide page
  1. Enter a name for your image in the Name field. This defaults to the filename, but it can be anything that is descriptive and helpful for finding the image later.
  2. Select Choose File. A popup will appear. Select the image you would like to upload from your computer drive.
  3. After you upload the image, leave the Decorative Image box checked unless your image is of text or conveys important information not otherwise described in text on the page. If the image does contain text or important information, uncheck Decorative Image and add alternative text.
  4. Select the focal point of the image by moving the plus symbol around on the image. This will ensure that the most important part of the image is preserved if the image is cropped. 
1. Adding an Image B user guide page
  1. Click Save.

Gallery images

Gallery images are kept in a separate section of your media library. When uploading images you wish to use in a Image Gallery paragraph, select Gallery images. 

Bulk upload images to the media library

You can upload up to 50 images at once with a bulk upload.

  1. Go to All Content > All Media > Media Library and click the +Add media button. This will open the Add media item page.
  1. Click on Upload File(s). This will bring up the Upload File(s) page.
  2. Here you can either:
    • Click on Select files and select the files to upload from your computer, or
    • On your computer, select the files to upload and drag them to the Upload File(s) page.
    • You can only upload in batches of 50 or fewer. You may not bulk upload any files over 2 Mb.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Once complete, you will be presented with options for adding metadata to all uploaded files. Update the names of the files to make them easier to find in the media library. If alternative text is needed, uncheck Decorative Image and add the necessary alternative text.
  5. Click Save.

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