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Courses Content Type and Importer

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Courses do not have their own display. The Courses content type is used by the Courses Importer, which allows you to import classes from ExploreCourses to display on your /courses page or in a Lists Paragraph. You are not limited by department and can import any courses by department, tag, or other filters.

Import courses to your Stanford Site

  1. Go to
  2. Browse by subject, e.g., accounting.
  3. Once on the course subject page, you can filter offered classes by several selection fields, e.g., winter and summer courses that are three units. 
    Screenshot illustrating where to filter offered classes
  4. Copy the webpage URL of the search results. 
  5. On your Stanford Site, go to Configuration > Importers > Courses Importer.
    Screenshot illustrating where to find the Courses Importer
  6. Paste the copied ExploreCourses in the URL line.
  7. Click Save & Import.

Once the courses are imported, they will be displayed on the default list page - [your site url]/courses. 

Screenshot illustrating the view of imported courses



I can't see images under "All"

The images were not intended to be displayed for courses. Therefore, they will not appear under the "All" section.

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