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Google Forms

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Google Forms are supported on Stanford Sites. You can use Google Forms to create a form and add it to your webpage. This is done in three steps, first create the form, add the form, and then insert the form onto to your page.

Creating a Google Form

  1. Log into your Google account.
  2. Navigate to Google Form.
  3. Create your form.

For additional information regarding Google Forms:

Adding a Google Form to your media library

  1. While editing the Google Form, click on the Send button in the upper right hand corner.
  2. A popup will appear with multiple sharing options. Select the Link icon to reveal a shareable link.
  3. Copy the shareable link.
  4. Navigate back to your site.
  5. From the admin tool bar, select All Content > All Media > Google Form
    Screenshot illustrating Google Forms
  6. You'll be redirected to the Add Google Form page. On that page you can add the Name and shareable link for your Google Form. If needed, you can also adjust the height, in pixels, of the iframe used to embed the Google Form. This can be useful if you are encountering an extra scroll within your form due to its length.
    Add Google Form page example
  7. Click Save.

Adding your form to your page

  1. Add a text area.
  2. Within the text area, select the Add Media icon from the editing toolbar:
    Screenshot illustrating how to Add Media within the Text Area
  3. A popup will appear. From the left column, select the Google Form tab:
    Screenshot illustrating Google Forms
  4. The Google Form tab will display all the forms you have added on your site. Select and insert the form.
  5. Save the page. The form should now appear on the page!

Best practices and tips

  • The form should be hosted on a shared drive. Never host the Google Form, or any web asset, on your personal drive.
  • You can use a plug-in to notify you when someone fills out your form.

Other form options

Google Forms are great for a wide variety of purposes. Stanford also supports Qualtrics, which can be a better fit if your form requires more complexity or if you are conducting a survey. Qualtrics and other form tools can be added as Embeddable Media.

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