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News Types

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The News Types vocabulary gives you the ability to organize and categorize your news content. 

The vocabulary include a number of useful terms by default (Announcements, Awards, Faculty, In the News, Staff, and Students), and site managers have the ability to add, edit, or delete these terms.

Once terms have been added to the News Types vocabulary, they can be applied to your news items.

Screenshot illustrating News Taxonomy
Screenshot illustrating News Taxonomy


Screenshot illustrating News Taxonomy

Once a term has been added to a news item, it will be used several ways:

  • The item will show up under the filter for that term on the News List Page.
  • The term can be used as an argument within the Lists Paragraph to have all items with this term show up on another page.
  • The term will show up on the Teaser card and list view for that news item
  • The first three terms added to your news item will be displayed at the top of the article page. The complete list of terms will be displayed at the end of the article page.

Example of a term in action

In this example, an article tagged as a “Blog” " would be included in the news list results page under “Blog” at [your site url]/news/blog. 

News type term list page


  • List page teaser (limited to first three terms):
list page teaser
  • Top of article (limited to first three terms):
taxonomy terms at top of article
  • Bottom of article (all added terms):
taxonomy terms at bottom of article

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