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Text Area Paragraph

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Text Area Paragraph is the most flexible tool you have with a variety of typography, image, and link styles. It makes it easy to update web pages without any knowledge of HTML.

The Text Area Paragraph is the meat and potatoes Paragraph. It includes all of the options you'll need to display your text through the "Normal" menu and "Styles" menu. You can set the different alignment of your text, add links (and style those links as buttons or action links), add images and video, unordered or ordered lists, tables, and quotes. You'll inevitably use is across your website (as generally speaking, the majority of Stanford websites are for text purposes). This section outlines how best to use your Text Area.

Screenshot illustrating how to Add Table


Tables are a great option to provide a structured way of showing large amounts of information and they make organizing information in a clean and readable way very easy.

Add Font Awesome icons

Using symbols such as icons to augment the text on your website can improve comprehension and clarify your message.

Checking Page Accessibility

Stanford Sites provides the Editora11y Accessibility Checker for checking accessibility after saving the page.

Create Links

Learn about the options for adding links to any text area, including email links.