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List of Known Issues

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Before reporting an issue, please review the list of known issues below to see if Stanford Web Services is already aware of the issue. You can also check the Requested Features list to see if your item is listed there.

If you find an issue that isn't listed, please submit a bug report through the Services portal.

Last updated: February 23, 2023

Known issues

The following are issues we are tracking or may be functionality that is not offered.

New: Admin toolbar error

  • Some site editors who logged in after the v5.1.1 release may notice that the Structure tab is not viewable in the admin toolbar. This does not affect all sites nor does it impact all pages on the site. SWS is investigating. 


  • If you have more than one OEmbed on the page, Siteimprove will report the issue "Element IDs are not unique". It is a WCAG Level A violation:  Understanding Success Criterion 4.1.1: Parsing. To correct this, place only one OEmbed item on a page.
  • Adding a caption to an embed may change the size. To correct this, add the caption to the media item instead of in the WYSIWYG.


  • Twitter/X embedded media will no longer display a timeline feed of Tweets, due to a change in the Twitter/X business model. We strongly recommend removing embedded Twitter feeds from your site.

Website Provisioning

  • Users with a Basic SUNet ID cannot request a site. This is to ensure only valid Stanford faculty, students, or staff are associated with site ownership on Stanford Sites.

Courses Importer

  • Multiple instances of a course are displayed in the end-user display (on the default list page and other list views through List Paragraph).

Anchor Links

  • The anchor link tool is no longer an option in the toolbar due to the update to CKEditor5, which does not include this tool.
  • An anchor link displays an action link caret if it is on the same link as a heading. 


  • When adding media, the "Select Files" function will sometimes time out. When this occurs, try again by closing the modal, clicking "Add or select media" and then "Select files". 
  • If you attempt to add an image, the media library might only show 6 results (depending on where you are adding the image). Click on "Table" or "Grid" to see all the images.

Menus and Navigation

  • Sub-navigation is not available on News, Events, and People pages for desktop users without dropdown menus enabled.
  • Drupal sitemap.xml 'Last modification date' column does not sort correctly.
  • The hover link text for menu items doesn't display in the sidebar menu on a desktop.
  • When using links to the same page in a submenu, you may experience issues displaying the nested navigation items. 
  • After navigating to a page after selecting a topic from the Topics Menu or Filter by menu, you’ll see that there is no active menu item. To get an active menu item to display, add the topic page to the menu. See Add topics to the menu.

Person Profile Page, List Page, and People Importer

  • Importing previously deleted profiles from (CAP) sometimes fails.
  • Contact header shows up even if no contact information is filled in.
  • When creating a clone of a Person profile page, the Prepend Cloned Titles field does not function. All Person clones will have the same name. 
  • The title field on People node pages appears twice and can look duplicative, depending on information from CAP.
  • Using Load More on the People page may result in duplicate headers for subcategories of people.
  • Siteimprove reports Content missing after heading. Many times this can be fixed by adjusting the headings on your site. However, for dynamically generated pages this may not be possible. 

News, Events

  • When creating two or more clones of Events or News and incrementing them by the publishing date or time, the date/time will only increment once. All the clones will have the same date/time. See How do I Clone Content? for more information.
  • Siteimprove reports Content missing after heading. Many times this can be fixed by adjusting the headings on your site. However, for dynamically generated pages this may not be possible. 


  • When changing the citation style on the default Publication List page from Chicago to APA citation style, the Filter by Topics list pages will remain listed in Chicago style. See Changing the publication citation style for more information.
  • Using a letter in the pages field may cause the citation generator to break, resulting in a 502 error.
  • When searching for an article title, the link from the search results will send you to the publication page rather than the external link. Click the link in the publication page to access the external link.
  • When using a Teaser, the Publication will not redirect when you list an External Source. It will go to the internal Publication page. 

Publications Importer (experimental)

  • Some special characters are not recognized by the importer and result in odd characters being added after the import. Editors should plan to check imported publications, paying special attention to diacritical marks, author names, and text areas.

Layout Builder

  • You must have Layout Builder turned off to display banner images at full width while using Full Width layout.
  • News date and image overlap in the custom Layout Builder news block.

Lockup, Menu, and Local Footer Lockup

  • The lockup logo field will not accept logos over 4 MB.
  • When there are Primary Links in the Local Footer, the Third Content Block will not align at the top of the column even if no Secondary Links are present.
  • Some iPhone users may have screen magnification set such that the site name logo covers the hamburger menu, and the result is menu items (links to other pages) cannot be reached.


  • Shared tags do not support nesting.

Recent Fixes

See the Release Notes for more information about recent bug fixes.

  • Display of person image on wide screens needs adjustment.

Lang attribute

  •  The WYSIWYG will remove span tags. To add the lang attribute to text, enclose the span tag in a paragraph like so:
    <p><span lang="fr">Bonjour!</span>&nbsp; This page is written in English.</p>
  • Speaker display missing from Event schedule.
  • The Non-Discrimination Policy link in the global footer needs to be updated (currently a redirect is in place.)

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