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Courses Taxonomy

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Your site comes with three taxonomy vocabularies associated with courses: Course Quarters, Course Subjects, and the Course Tags. By default, these vocabularies include terms imported from ExploreCourses. Site managers have the ability to add, edit, or delete these terms. 

Screenshot illustrating how to use Courses Taxonomy

Once terms have been added to the Course vocabularies, they can be applied to any course item. Note: By default, a course imported from ExploreCourses will be automatically categorized with the associated term(s) and will stay current to the information on ExploreCourses. 

Additionally, Courses taxonomy terms are displayed in the filter by menu on the default list - [your site url]/courses - allowing uses to filter the list of courses. e.g., a list of accounting courses offered during the winter quarter.


Displaying a List of Courses

Once the courses are imported, a list of Courses can be added to any content page:  

  1. Navigate to [your site url]/user (i.e.
  2. Log onto the site using your SUNet ID.
  3. Navigate to the page you would like to update and click Edit.
  4. Drag and drop List Paragraph or Teaser Paragraph
  5. In the List Format dropdown menu, select Courses.
    Screenshot illustrating how to use Courses Taxonomy
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  6. Choose your list display. You can use the default list view or card view.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Scroll down the page and click Save

When you visit your updated page, you’ll see your course selection. You can follow the same instructions to create a Courses List page.

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