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Welcome to the Stanford Sites 4.0 User Guide. 

Access Denied and Page Not Found Pages

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Your Stanford Site comes with two pages that have specific purposes. These should not be unpublished or deleted. These pages can be customized.

Access Denied

This is also sometimes called a "403" page. Your site visitors will see this page if they go to a page that is unpublished or, if it is on an intranet, on a page for which they do not have permissions. You can leave the page with the default text, but if you have recently unpublished a large number of pages, or have an intranet with complex permissions, we would recommend that you consider adding site contact information on this page.

Page Not Found

This is also sometimes called a "404" page. Your site visitors will see this page if the page path they are attempting to visit does not exist on your site. Like the Access Denied page, you can leave the default text, but you can also choose to put a list of other starting points on your site, information about pages that may have moved, etc.

Editing these pages

These pages are special cases of Basic Page and can be edited using all the same techniques. To locate these pages on your site, you can search for them by going to Content > All Content, and then filtering by page title.

Screenshot illustrating how to Access Denied and Page Not Found Pages

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