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Filtered List Pages

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Out of the box, Stanford Sites comes with pre-configured filtered pages for various content types. You can use these to provide an easy way for your users to browse and discover content on your site. The pages will automatically be updated with any new content in their respective areas, which makes managing things like an "All News" page a breeze! The pages can be configured with the categories of your choosing.

The following guides give more information about each type of automatic filtered list page as well as instructions on what to do if you prefer to override those page with your own manually-built page.

Automatic list pages

The People List page displays a listing of the people in your organization, and is dynamically generated from existing or imported content on your site.
The News List Page is a dynamically generated page that shows your news items, sorted by most recent.
Event List Pages are dynamically generated from existing content on your site and filtered by event type taxonomy terms

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