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Publications List Page

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The Publications List page is a filterable list of publications, sorted by the publication date date, and formatted with either MLA or APA formatting. The page is dynamically generated from Publication content on your site, which can be entered by hand, or imported. The filter allows site visitors to filter events by Event Types, which you can define.

The Publications List pages can be found by visiting [your site url]/publications. 

If you do not wish to use this page, you may unpublish it.

How this page works

The Publications List page has the following features:

  • The Publications List page will automatically show a citation for all Publication content on your site.
  • The citation will lead the user to the individual publication page on your site, where you may put additional information.
  • The first level of Publication Type taxonomy will be used as the filters in the sidebar. 
  • The order of the filters is controlled by the Publication Type taxonomy order.
  • Publications are sorted by Publication Date.
  • A load more button will display for results over 20 results
  • The page is a Basic Page. If you wish to add other Paragraphs to the page, you may. You may also change the page title.
  • You may change the page path. However, you may wish to leave it in place so that it is consistent with your filtered pages.
  • You may place it in the navigation as you would any other Basic Page.

How the filtered displays work

Each filter creates a new automated page that shows only the content that meets the filter criteria. These pages have the following features:

  • These pages always have the URL of /publications/[term-name]. You can use these to link your site visitors directly to a filtered view.
  • The page titles are not editable.
  • These pages are not placed in the navigation using the standard method. If you wish to have them in your menu, you would need to add them as a custom item.
  • If you wish to have text at the beginning of the page, you can add it in the Description field on the Publication Type taxonomy. It is not possible to add other paragraphs to these pages.

If you do not want a filter on your Publications page

If you do not wish to use the filtered view. You can simply unpublish the page.  We recommend you do not delete the page in the event you wish to use it later.

If you wish to use the URL /publications, but do not wish to use the filter, there are a few extra steps to follow:

  1. Edit the URL alias on the Events List page so that it is not automatically generated. You can call it something like /publications-old. Save the page. 
  2. Edit the URL redirects to remove the automatic /publications redirect that is created.
  3. Unpublish the Publications List page. 

You can then create a new page and use the title Publications. If you still wish the page to automatically show a list of your publications, you can use the Lists Paragraph.


Changing the publication citation style

You have a choice of two styles for listing your publication citations: Chicago and APA.

Changing the publication citation style is a two step process. You will change the Lists Paragraph that appears on the /publications page and on the filtered pages.

Edit the default Publications List page citation style

When you edit the Publications List page, you’ll see an included Lists Paragraph. You can choose citation style, add arguments, or change the default number of items displayed in your list.

Screenshot illustrating how to use Publications List Page

Edit the filtered views citation style

Once you change the publication citation style on the Publications list page, you'll also want to change the publication topics pages to match.  Here's how to change the style for the topics pages:

  1. From the admin menu navigate to Structure > Taxonomy > Publications Types
  2. From the Citation Style dropdown menu, select the desired style
Screenshot illustrating how to use Publications List Page
Screenshot illustrating how to use Publications List Page

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