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Image Gallery Paragraph

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The Image Gallery Paragraph allows you to organize and display galleries of photos throughout your site.

Up to 30 images can be added to an Image Gallery. Clicking an image will open a shadow box that allows users to cycle through all the images at full scale. The Image Gallery includes an option for captions, and galleries can also be displayed with an optional headline, description, and button.

The Image Gallery paragraph is separate from the Media Library. Due to this, you currently cannot add items from the media library into an image gallery and instead must upload them separately. However, you can still view a listing of all your gallery images by navigating to [your site url]/admin/content/media and filtering by the Type of Gallery Images. You can also edit captions by clicking Edit next to the related photo. Keep in mind that editing the caption here will reflect everywhere that the image has been added. If you'd like to use an image in the Image Gallery multiple times with a different caption, re-upload the image with a new caption for each use case.

The Image Gallery currently only supports images (no video).

Image Gallery examples

Gallery with optional headline, description, and button

Gallery with headline, description, and button

"Nature Photos" Image Gallery

Gallery with nature photos

Image displayed within the shadow box at full scale with caption

ocean photo example
Screenshot illustrating how to use Image Gallery
  1. While editing a page, drag and drop the Image Gallery Paragraph into your desired row.
  2. Click Add media to add new gallery images, or select from previously uploaded images. For previously uploaded images, you'll want to verify that the alternative text matches the context. Because images in an image gallery are the purpose of the image gallery, for accessibility purposes, all images require descriptions as captions and/or alt text.
    Here's more on verifying and updating the alternative text.

    After uploading new images:
    •  You can add alternative text and a caption, view a preview of the photo, or adjust the focal point by moving the "+".
    • Captions can include up to 255 text characters.
    • Once you have filled that info out, click Save and insert.
Screenshot illustrating how to use Image Gallery
  • Once images have been added, you can drag and drop them to rearrange the order they are displayed on the page. You can also remove images by double-clicking the “X” icon.
Screenshot illustrating how to use Image Gallery
  1. Add optional headline, description, and button if desired.
  2. Click continue to exit the paragraph modal.
  3. Click Save.

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