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Checking Page Accessibility

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Content editors can use simple, built-in tools to check the accessibility of text and media content on a webpage as they edit it.

Editora11y Accessibility Checker

Stanford Sites provides the Editora11y Accessibility Checker for checking accessibility after saving the page. This checker identifies potential issues that need review.

This checker will only run when a user with access to edit the content is logged in and viewing the page. The page does not have to be published. The checker will not display for visitors to the site who are not logged in.

Editora11y Accessibility Checker icon

When you’re logged into a site and have access to edit a page, you will see the Editora11y Web Accessibility icon in the lower right corner of your browser.

Finding and correcting accessibility issues using Editora11y

If you see an orange icon with a question mark or a red icon with an exclamation point in the lower right corner of your browser, the checker has flagged potential accessibility issues on your page.

Orange ​editorally alert icon with number 2

The icon will display the count of the number of potential accessibility issues found.

To view the issues, click the icon and then click Show.

The Editora11y dialog box lets you view each issue by clicking Show next >.

If there are multiple issues, scroll through each of them to see more information.

You can also see each issue highlighted and numbered on the page itself. Click the alert symbol or the question mark on each issue to view detailed information about it and how to fix it.

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Stanford Web Services (SWS) is committed to providing a Stanford Sites environment that enables site owners to build and manage websites that are accessible to everyone and adhere to Stanford's online accessibility policy.
As a content creator and editor, you are responsible for making sure the content you provide meets accessibility standards.