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The Page Title Banner allows you to place the title of your page in the banner section on a Basic Page. The Page Title Banner, will display the page title as an h1 heading (Heading 1) on a white overlay on the banner, and eliminate the page title below the banner.  

The Page Title Banner includes only the page title text. Additional fields (like description or button link) are not supported at this time.

How to use the Page Title Banner

The Page Title Banner is only available in the Top Banner section on a Basic Page. You do not need to enter any text in the banner since it automatically chooses your page title from the required Title field.

  1. Go to the Top Banner section of the page
  2. Click on the drop-down that says Add Image Banner
  3. Select Add Page Title Banner
  4. Click Add Media to select the image for your banner
  5. You can click the Behaviors tab to select Right or Left alignment for the page title. The default is left aligned.  (You will see other options in the Behaviors tab, they are not relevant to the Page Title Banner.)

The result, with Left alignment option, looks like this:

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