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Stanford Sites

Welcome to the User Guide!

This guide provides information, instructions, and additional knowledge about the Stanford Sites platform. Use this guide to learn about how to request and manage a Stanford Site, how to build and design content, launch your website, and more. 

Get Started with a Stanford Site

Depending on your needs, we have different ways for you to get started with Stanford Sites. Learn about our service options and tools within Stanford Sites to help you request and manage your website.

Request a site

Get Acquainted with Stanford Sites

Whether you're a Drupal veteran or new to site building, take time to get familiar with Stanford Sites. Walkthrough the terminology we use, common site building tasks, and other resources for working with Stanford Sites.

Introduction to Stanford Sites

Essentials of Building and Designing

Stanford Sites combines the advantages of Drupal with a streamlined and simplified user experience provided by Stanford Web Services. We hope it will allow you to build and design your website quickly, with little to no training required.

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Basic Page

Basic Pages are where you will add the majority of your site's content. Learn how to create a basic content page.
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Text Area Paragraph

Learn about one of the most flexible tools you have with Text Area Paragraph. It provides a variety of typography, image and link styles for your content. 

Analytics Tools   

Stanford Sites provides support for many third-party marketing and analytics tools, including social media sharing, Google Analytics and more.

Add analytics

Create content

Paragraphs are the tools to help you create content on your website! Create, organize and order your content in multiple ways.

Learn about Paragraphs

Image Gallery 

Organize and display galleries of photos throughout your site. Up to 30 images can be displayed with the Image Gallery.

Use Image Gallery

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Ready to launch your site?

Essentials for a Successful Launch

Launching a website is exciting... and at times, stressful. You can make sure your site is launch-ready by reviewing our checklist and logistics that will support a successful launch.

Can't find something?

Tell us what you're looking for or how the user guide can better support you. 

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Need "Hands-On" Support?

Stanford Web Services can provide additional support and consultation. If you have questions about moving an existing site or adopting our Stanford Sites Drupal Platform, you can book an appointment for office hours or submit a consultation request.

Drupal resources at Stanford

Stanford has a very active and engaged Drupal community, and many centrally offered and community created resources that might help you.

Learn more about these resources

More website services

Stanford Web Services offers a variety of ways to partner with you — if you’re hoping for more assistance with building your website, visual design, customizations, sitemap building, and more. 

Learn about our service offerings