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Common questions about Stanford Sites Intranet

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Who can use the Stanford Sites Intranet service?

Any Stanford school, department, unit, institute, center, lab, and/or other group hosting low or moderate risk data or content, which has the ability to use SUNetID for authentication, access to a PTA for annual maintenance fees, and eligibility to use Stanford-branding.

What kind of access control is available for my intranet?

A site owner can establish an intranet with access controlled in a combination of four different ways:

  1. Open to any valid SUNetIDs
  2. Open to specific valid SUNetIDs
  3. Open to specific Workgroup(s) 
  4. Open to specific SUNetID affiliation (e.g. staff, faculty, or student)

How do I build and design an intranet site?

The same way you would any other Stanford Sites-based website. See the Build and Design page for tips. 

What kind of data is acceptable on my intranet?

Low and medium risk data only. High risk data can be stored on Google Shared Drives but cannot be stored on your Stanford Sites Intranet. If you require an intranet for your high risk content, please request a consultation with Stanford Web Services.

What file types are allowed on my intranet?

Due to security and privacy concerns, documents shared via an intranet must be stored on Google Drive or another authentication-based service. Be sure to establish storage space first and set permissions on documents accordingly before creating links to the documents on your intranet.

How do I test the accessibility of my intranet?

SiteImprove scans are not allowed on intranets for data security and privacy reasons. You are still responsible for making your intranet site accessible to all of your users. Follow these instructions for checking the accessibility of your content as you create and edit pages on your intranet.