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Person Taxonomy

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The Person Types vocabulary gives you the ability to organize and categorize the people listed on your dynamic People page. This vocabulary includes a number of useful terms by default (Student, Faculty, Fellows, Staff, Other), and site managers have the ability to add, edit, or delete these terms.

Once terms have been added to the Person Types vocabulary, they will be included within the Person Types filter on the People list page, and as an option on the Person node edit page.

Screenshot illustrating how to Person Taxonomy

Once a person has been tagged with a Person Type, that person will be categorized within that term's related people list page. In this example, a person tagged as "Faculty" would be included with other faculty members in the people list page at [your site url]/people/faculty.

The Person Types vocabulary also allows for nested taxonomy terms. Nested terms are not included within the Person Types filter, but are displayed as headings on the results list page for their parent term. For example, the list page for Faculty at [your site url]/people/faculty would include all faculty separated out by their related nested term (e.g. Professor, Assistant Professor, etc. [see example above]). A list page is also created for nested terms. In this example, a list page showing only faculty tagged as "Professor" would be viewable at [your site url]/people/faculty/professor.


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