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Fix issues from Siteimprove

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Siteimprove scans for and reports a variety of accessibility issues on your website. Here are tips for addressing some of these issues for your site on Stanford Sites.

It's been a common practice to introduce something, such as a news item, and provide a link to the full story with generic link text that says "Read more." However, with multiple links on a page that all say "Read More", it becomes problematic for people using assistive technology.

Depending on the context, you will see the following Siteimprove issues:

Container element is empty

When using the text editor, you can add HTML with no content. Although you can't see it, assistive technology such as screen readers will detect it. 

You will see the following issue from Siteimprove:

Content missing after heading

When you have a heading such as a Heading 2, it is expected that there is content associated with it. If there is no content, it can be confusing and may lead some users might think the content is hidden. 

If you have a heading with no following content, you will see the following issue from Siteimprove:

Element IDs are not unique

Within the HTML of a span, heading, or other element on your page, you can have an ID attribute. The value for this attribute must be the only instance on the page. 

If it's not, you will see the following issue from Siteimprove:

Inline frame missing a text alternative

Inline frames, or iframes created by embed codes that third parties, such as Mailchimp and SimpleCast are often missing the title attribute. 

If you embed an iframe without a title,  you will see the following issue from Siteimprove:

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Questions about accessibility?

If you have any questions about Siteimprove or accessibility, please contact the Office of Digital Accessibility at