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Update the Site Name

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Your site name is an important part of the information about your site. 

  • The site name will be used and displayed in search engine results (see below.)
  • The site name will be used in the browser tab for site visitors, after the page title.
  • The site name will display as the title of the site in the header and footer unless you customize those areas.

How the site name is used

In this example, the site name of is "Web Services Blog." In search results, the site name is the most prominent piece of information.

When to change the site name

There may be times when it's necessary to update your site name. For example:

  • If you submitted a new site request through Service Now, you may have had to remove important punctuation in your site name since Service Now does not accept punctuation or other special characters in the field.
  • The name of your unit, department, institute, program, etc. changes.
  • The name of your site is too ambiguous for meaningful search.

How to update the site name

1. Navigate to Configuration > System > Site Settings:

Screenshot illustrating how to Update site name

2. Update Site Name in its text box:


3. Save.

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