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Comparing Teaser and Lists

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By using Teaser and Lists paragraphs, you can display dynamic Events, News, and People throughout your site with ease.

With a Teaser, you can easily select specific pieces of content to display. With Lists, you can choose a list to display various content items dynamically.

Given their similarities, you may be uncertain about when to use a Teaser or a List. Review the chart below for a few example use cases.

Use cases for Teaser and Lists

What should I use when I want to show...



A specific event, news item, or person on a page

For example: I want to display a specific event on a faculty profile page on my site


A combination of specific events, news, and people on a page

For example: I want to highlight a news article, an event, and a faculty profile in the same row on a page for a project


All upcoming events, news item, or people on a page

For example: On my homepage, I want to display a list of all of the People profiles included on my site


Only events tagged with a specific taxonomy term (e.g. "conference")

For example:

  • I want to display only events tagged as "conference" on my homepage
  • I want to display a list of people tagged as "members" on a project page
  • I want to display a list of news articles tagged as "environment" on our homepage


* To accomplish this, remember to add your taxonomy term(s) in the Advanced Options field Arguments. More info at Lists.