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Site Launch Checklist

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Congratulations on building your new site!

To make sure that your site is launch-ready, please review the following pre-launch content checklist and logistics.

 Pre-launch content checklist 

  1. Have you replaced or removed all content that isn't needed on your site, including default pages that came with the site as examples? Learn about replacing or removing default content.
  2. Have you replaced or deleted all placeholder images?
  3. Have you updated the Local Footer to contain information relevant to your site?
  4. Are your headings in a logical order? Learn about creating accessible headings
  5. Do your images have descriptive alternative text (“alt text”) where necessary to support accessibility? Learn about alt text.
  6. Do your links point to the correct pages/sites and do those target pages have the correct content? Learn about creating links.
  7. Have you verified all menu links go to the correct pages? Learn about main navigation or menu.
  8. Have you reviewed your site for tone, accuracy, and grammar? Learn about writing for the web.
  9. Does your site need to be approved by anyone prior to launch?


  1. Do you need to create redirects for any specific pages from your old website (if applicable) to ensure users can still find key content? Learn about URL redirects.
  2. Have you requested approval for your subdomain name (URL) if one does not already exist? (Note: Stanford Web Services will handle the switchover for you once your site is ready to launch.)
  3. Have you configured Google Analytics or other analytics tool for your new site? Learn about Marketing and Analytics.
  4. Have you prepared necessary communications for your audience regarding the launch of your site?
  5. Do you want to request that a copy of your old website be stored by the Stanford Web Archiving Service?

 Ready to launch?

After you complete the pre-launch content checklist and logistics are in order, you are ready to launch your site! 

We launch sites on Monday - Thursdays during business hours only! During peak periods, some dates may not be available.

Stanford Web Service's client?

If you are a Stanford Web Service's client, you will receive assistance from your project team in Stanford Web Services, including Google Analytics, redirects setup, testing, vhost request and post-launch monitoring. Please contact the project lead for any questions.

Self-service site?

If you are a self-service site, please submit your site launch request. We are happy to assist with getting your domain name in place.

Submit a site launch request

Not sure?

Not sure which path is best for you? Request help via the Services portal.

Site retirement

If you had an older version of the same site on Stanford Sites, we will assume that the older site version can be deleted unless otherwise specified on the launch request. You can also submit a separate request to delete a website through the form below.

Submit a request to delete your website

Post-launch site maintenance

Once your site has been launched, site maintenance begins.

  1. Is your content accessible? Request Siteimprove scanning & monitoring.
  2. Are you monitoring the accessibility of your content? See Post-launch accessibility practice.