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Use a Basic Page Type vocabulary set to create terms and categories for any Basic Page. Basic Page Type terms will allow the grouping of Basic Pages by the "type". For example, you can create a Basic Page Type term called “Research Project,” and then create a list of pages categorized as "Research Projects".  

When building a Basic Page Type vocabulary set, choose terms that represent broad categories rather than narrow descriptions. For example, “Research Projects” would be a good broad category, while “Water” may be too narrow. 

Create Basic Page Type terms:

  1. In the Administrative Toolbar, select Structure > Taxonomy.
Screenshot illustrating how to use Basic Page
  1. Locate the Basic Page type vocabulary set. Click List Term > Add terms.
  2. Under Name, write the new term you want to add. For example, “Research Project.”

    Add term image


  3. Click Save.

Add Basic Page Type terms to a Basic Page:

  1. Navigate to the Basic Page type you want to update and click Edit. 
  2. Click Page Metadata in the bottom right-hand corner menu.

    Add term image
  3. Under Basic Page type, use the drop-down menu to select the term you would like visible on your site, e.g., “Research Project.” Additionally, you can select a category nested within the term to highlight content related to one another. 
  4. Click Save.

Note: Basic Page Type terms are part of the Page Metadata and support content authors in curating a list of content. They are NOT interactive elements for end-users. Learn about creating list pages for Basic Page Type terms

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