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Paragraphs are the flexible building blocks you can use to create much of the content on your website.

Paragraphs are content elements with different displays that you can put on a page. Paragraphs provide site editors the flexibility to organize and order the content in multiple ways to create everything from a simple page of text to a complex landing page with cards, videos, and more. Explore each paragraph type to learn more.

Paragraph types

Each of the following guides tells you the basics about each paragraph. To learn more about how to place each paragraph on a page, visit our guide on Adding Content to a Page

desk step with different typography elements
Learn about the most flexible tool you have with the Text Area Paragraph.
Spacer Icon
Spacers are a great way to add visual white space within the content layout of a page
three-by-three grid of 9 pictures
Organize and display galleries of photos throughout your site. Up to 30 images can be displayed with the Image Gallery

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