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Stanford Sites Roadmap

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The product roadmap is a high-level look at what is in development, as well as goals, planned features, and long-term direction for the Stanford Sites Drupal CMS. We update this roadmap frequently with our progress and add new feature requests and ideas as they are prioritized in partnership with the Stanford Sites Advisory Group.

See the release notes to see what we have achieved to date.

2020-24 Roadmap

Last updated: March 2024

Major Features: Completed, In Progress, and Under Review

Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager was added to the stack to support users who wish to use analytics and social sharing tools via a GTM container.
Global Message
Site owners can set a site-wide alert at the top of each page with options for color and link.
Super footer
Site owners can add a site-wide section above the local footer that allows for text and links. 
Enhanced footer options
Site owners have new options for adding text and setting a link from the department branding (lockup) in the local footer. Site owners also have the same options for customizing the lockup that exist in the masthead.
Site owners can now add embeds for supported services to their media library for use in text areas. Stanford Sites owners can also request custom embeds be added upon request.
Content editors can now embed image galleries.
Main navigation drop-down
Site owners now have the option to enable drop-down menus for the main navigation.
Drupal 9
All websites built on Stanford Sites Drupal 8 were upgraded to Drupal 9 in February 2021.
Intranets provide the ability for organizations to limit content for viewing by specific SUNetIDs or members of specific workgroups or types of users. This is a fee-based service.
Editoria11y Accessibility Checker
The Editoria11y module provides a simple quality assurance tool for content editors; the module scans a single page of content upon saving to highlight new errors.
Page cloning and bulk editing
Content creators now have the ability to replicate page layouts for faster site-building and to take action on a group of pages at one time.
Publications importer
Content editors can import a CSV for batch uploading of publications data.
Content editors can now import content from Localist, the new campus events calendar service behind the Stanford Events website.
Minimally-branded Subtheme for People and Groups
This subtheme provides a unique design for those individuals and organizations who require less prominent Stanford branding on their website.
Scheduled publishing
This module will give content editors the ability to schedule nodes to be published and unpublished at specified dates and times in the future.
This feature will allow academic department websites to import course and class data from ExploreCourses and build a listing page.
Basic Page+ and Shared Tags
These features will give content editors the ability to dynamically generate a list of related pages.
Update Stanford Profile and SOE Profile to use PHP 8 prior to the deadline for upgrade on the Acquia Cloud Site Factory environment.
Content editors can create a simple policy page with authority field and "last updated" date field and add it to a section with related policies. V1 will support breadcrumb navigation and a basic print stylesheet for a policy page.
Subtheming service
SWS-created custom subthemes on Stanford Sites. Sub-themes allow sites to have distinctive styling on top of the default Stanford Basic theme. To request a consultation about a custom subtheme for your site, please fill out a new service request.
Custom layouts
This feature would support flexible and easy-to-use layout building, using Layout Paragraphs.
Drupal 9.5
This release includes a minor version upgrade to Drupal 9.5 and a new administrative user interface, Claro. It will be supported until November 2023.
Drupal 10
This major release includes an upgrade to Drupal 10.
Site Ownership
Fields for tracking site ownership, to be used for reporting and lifecycle management.
Integration with 3rd-Party search tools
Ability to use a 3rd-party search tool on your site or sites.
Heading hierarchy improvements
Additional controls over heading hierarchy for the Banners, Lists, Card, and Teaser Paragraphs for improved accessibility.
Content type for external resources with a multi-filtered view.
Class importer
Class importer for use with the new version of ExploreCourses.
Paragraph and section variants
Support for flexible theming, including variants for paragraphs and rows of paragraphs (e.g., background color on a row.)
Faculty theme
Design options for faculty sites.

Requested Features

See the Requested Features page to see a list of features that are under consideration and not yet approved and prioritized. Decisions on priorities are made in partnership with the Stanford Sites Advisory Group and are dependent on budget and resource availability.

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