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Manage the Super Footer

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The super footer (or pre-footer) is a flexible space that can be used for displaying content for all pages on your site. The super footer sits below the body section of your page, but above the local and global footers.

Super Footer Location

The super footer contains editable fields for a title and text block, and site managers can also add external, internal, or "private" links.

You can edit the super footer content by doing the following:

1. In the administrative toolbar select Manage then hover over Configuration > System > Super Footer to be directed to the super footer configuration page:    

Enable Super Footer

2. To enable and display the super footer on your site, check Enable Super Footer. Once you save the page, your super footer will be displayed.

check Enable Super Footer.

3. Edit and replace the necessary input fields with your own information.

Manage the Super Footer

4. Save and check it out! 

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