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Stanford Sites v5.2.0 Released – 3/28/2024

Release Notes

Version 5.2.0 was a minor release and included the following:

Improved heading options

  • New heading options for Lists Paragraph and Teaser Paragraph
  • New heading options for Banner Paragraph, which has been renamed to "Image Banner."
  • New heading options for Card Paragraph
  • New Page Title Banner Paragraph option available for use on Basic Page
  • Improved heading order on filtered list pages

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Support for third-party search

  • Changed Algolia search indexing to occur only during cron.
  • Added Localist event image to indexed data
  • Add taxonomy terms to indexed data

Users and Roles

  • Additional settings for workgroup mapping preferences


  • Fixed support for redirecting publication links

Other fixes

  • Fix images and Oembed videos to be lazy loading.
  • Use aria-labelledby on the submenu buttons in the decoupled menu
  • Updated help text for publishing scheduler 

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