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Stanford Sites v5.1.1 Released – 2/22/2024

Release Notes

Version 5.1.1 was a patch release and included the following fixes and improvements:


  • Drupal 10.2 upgrade

Local Footer

  • Add local footer social icon options for Mastodon and Google Scholar


  • Add spacing on Events List Page between the body and components
  • Display Event type taxonomy terms horizontally instead of vertically on Event pages


  • Add space before News social links


  • Replace Policy print page h2 with h1 tag
  • Add Policy as an option for Teaser paragraphs
  • Add rel=nofollow to print links on Policy pages
  • Add empty alt text to logo in Policy print page


  • Add validation to publication DOI fields on Publications to prevent users from entering full urls
  • Provide error handling by providing a message to the user when invalid information is in the imported data


  • Fixed accessibility error on Event, People, News, Publication sidebar filter menu
  • Fixed empty link text above YouTube video embeds
  • Improved heading order on Person page sidebar filter

Other fixes

  • Improvements to metatags on some content types
  • Improved Algolia data by trimming all html before sending
  • Site managers can save configuration that includes logos uploaded from other site managers
  • Fixed gallery image position relative to the text on smaller screens

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