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Stanford Sites v4.0.2 Released — 10/4/2023

Version 4.0.2 was a minor release. It continued our preparation for Drupal 10 and included the following fixes and improvements:


  • Changed fonts to use Source Sans 3 and Source Serif 4 in alignment with new university identity guidelines
  • Fixed styles for login page for Stanford Sites Intranet
  • Improvements to mobile menu at medium breakpoint
  • Improvement to preview styles to better match front-end display

Roles & Permissions

  • Contributor and Site Editor can now edit site media (like adjusting focal point) for all media items
  • Contributors can no longer adjust main navigation
  • Added Site Embedder role, which can be assigned by Stanford Web Services and allows users with that role to create embeddables outside the scope of the supported list.


  • Improvement to the Localist importer to provide paged results
  • Updated text for past events on the individual event display


  • Updated Publications Importer to work with Layout Paragraphs

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for the cloning process, which was causing some pages to fail to clone
  • Restored permissions for running importers for site managers
  • Added missing Chosen library


  • Changed library used for SAML authentication
  • Improvements to paste functionality in the text editor
  • Changed label for default value for Spacer Paragraph
  • Updated Google Tag settings
  • Added lazy loading for embedded video
  • Changed the non-discrimination link the Global Footer to reflect new URL
  • Updated broken User Guide links in help text
  • Changed method for building List Pages


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