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Stanford Sites v4.0.0 Released — 7/12/2023 to 7/16/2023

Release Notes

Version 4.0.0 was a major release rolled out to Stanford Sites in two phases. Intranet and Engineering websites were upgraded on July 11-12. All remaining websites were upgraded during the UIT maintenance window during the weekend of July 14-16. This release included a new layout tool called Layout Paragraphs and a new editing theme, Claro, and prepared Stanford Sites for an upgrade to Drupal 10 in fall 2023. Read more about this release.


  • Updated Drupal to 9.5.10
  • Updated Decanter to 6.2.16
  • Updated all core and contrib modules
  • Updated administration theme to Claro
  • Upgraded from React Paragraphs to Layout Paragraphs
  • Upgraded to CKEditor 5
  • Fixed numerous accessibility issues throughout
  • Added a new (currently experimental) replacement menu with a decoupled main menu

Bug Fixes

  • Person importer maps profile phone number to the non-mobile phone field
  • Fixed aspect ratio of YouTube videos on event pages
  • Fixed search indexing of home page
  • Added validation for SUNetID add user form
  • Prevented encoded subject names in Course listings
  • Numerous styling fixes throughout
  • Removed "Role" attribute on figure element
  • Use list elements on search result page
  • Correctly hide mobile search field when on desktop
  • Use list elements for related policy display
  • Add skip link anchor to the search page
  • Added main content anchor link destination on Policy pages
  • Move brand bar and skip-links into header landmark banner
  • Add space between people rows after load more
  • Refactor section to div tag for people page sections
  • Index home page for search


  • Updated Spacer paragraph with optional sizes
  • Allow bulleted and numbered lists in cards
  • Moved the help section to be below the brand bar in the header
  • Increase authority field max size on Policy content
  • Updated JSON endpoints
  • Added tiny base64 blur image to JSON API data

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