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Stanford Sites v3.2 Released — 6/22/2023

Release Notes

3.2 included minor updates for security, bug fixes, and accessibility. It also paved the way for Layout Paragraphs and Drupal 10.


  • Adjusted fast 404 settings for generation
  • Updated Drupal to 9.4.15
  • Updated core and contrib modules
  • Added improvements to enable decoupled development
  • Numerous accessibility fixes throughout​

Preparation for future releases

  • Added styles for paragraphs and layout paragraphs
  • New layout paragraphs enhancer module for LP layouts and styles in preparation for Drupal 9.5
  • Removed all deprecated code in preparation for Drupal 10

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error with multiple link field
  • Fixed an issue with smart quotes
  • Fixed AJAX issue on taxonomy form related to the argument helper
  • Fixed bug when saving menu items
  • Responsive fixes for intranet background
  • Fixed error when editing taxonomy


  • Added ability to exclude specific path patterns from redirecting, such as JSON API Endpoints
  • Replace log entity type and remove ECK
  • Enabled empty_fields module​
  • Allow installing inline_entity_form
  • Added Base64 json api processor for image urls
  • Added to display the argument format of the term name on taxonomy form
  • Added support to clear caches when saving the menu link field module
  • Move card link field to paragraph behaviors

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