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Stanford Sites v3.1.0 Released — 10/27/2022

Release Notes

Stanford Profile

  • Corrected courses migration to import cross-referenced courses
  • Added a toggle in the site settings to turn off the external links 
  • Created Policy content type
  • Added "Code" to WYSIWYG Style dropdown
  • Improved people list heading structure and added pronoun field
  • Adjusted, improved, and added metatags for content
  • Site Settings allows configuring maximum main menu depth
  • Added taxonomy field to media types for categorization
  • Added localist bookmark URL for importer
  • Added journal publisher field, updated publisher label
  • Added Fast 404 module

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Added fix to font size on people lists

Bug fixes

Stanford Profile

  • Added fix to the transparent localist event link
  • Prepended "Canceled" to canceled events
  • Removed duplicate "All" publication menu link

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