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Stanford Sites v3.0.0 Released — 8/24/2022

Release Notes

Stanford Profile ​and SOE Profile

  • Allowed resetting taxonomy term order to alphabetical with the button 
  • Image title field now visible when uploading in media library
  • Underlined buttons on the events mini calendar
  • Save taxonomy terms on the node form in the order they were chosen
  • Fixed icons for paragraphs and media on intranets
  • Allowed hiding paragraph and custom empty results message for list paragraph
  • Provide an author reference for publications to display publications on “people” pages automatically
  • Added missing "All" courses menu item
  • Switched list landing pages to nodes with layout builder settings. This affects People, Events, and News landing pages
  • Editors can now sort content by author on the main admin content list page
  • Added an oembed provider for Stanford University Library oEmbeds

Bug Fixes

Stanford Profile ​and SOE Profile

  • Updated field validation for Google Analytics and now allows multiple property ids
  • Improved person importer URL fetching with some error handling
  • Validated menu items for local absolute URLs 
  • Consolidated dependency modules for easier development

Stanford Media

  • Retain the color profile after stripping the metadata when uploading images
  • Clean up files from the server when a media item is deleted

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