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Stanford Sites v2.5.1 Released — 7/21/2022

Release Notes

React Paragraphs

  • Made link fields equal width

Stanford Basic

  • ​Removed the character limit for the list item element

​Stanford Events

  • Added additional visual cues​

Stanford Media

  • Fixed iframe validators constant value
  • Provided additional embed code validators for a few iframe services 
  • Improved "Decorative" approach to images by providing a “Decorative Image” checkbox when uploading an image

​Stanford Person​

  • Fixed orphan action due to the API token failing

​Stanford Profile Helper​

  • Fixed various margins

Stanford SSP​

  • No longer allow role mapping to authenticated role which causes errors

Stanford Profile

  • Allowed Span & abbr tags in WYSIWYG 
  • Changed search page button text to "Search"
  • Removed obsolete checkbox from theme settings
  • Added additional HTML elements to embeddables allow list
  • Enabled embed code validators
  • Fix “Load More” button on people lists
  • Added an Oembed provider for Stanford University Library
  • Let editors sort content by author on the main admin content list
  • Configured WYSIWYG to prevent pasting images within a text from word documents
  • Added edit buttons on courses list page​

SOE profile​

  • Same as “Stanford Profile”

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