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Stanford Sites v2.5.0 Released — 5/18/2022

Release Notes

Jumpstart UI​

  • Updated Decanter to version 6.2.7  

​React Paragraphs

  • Updated help text display for link and ckeditor fields 

Stanford Basic 

  • Updated Decanter to version 6.2.7 

Stanford Events

  • Improved accessibility of the mini calendar
  • Added shared tags feature
    • Added import of more fields from Localist system and allowed those to be used as arguments in the list paragraphs. 
    • Tags
    • Department
    • Subject

​Stanford Person

  • Updated people list style 
  • Updated styles to match change to a list 

​Stanford Media

  • Added “Transliteration Filenames” to modify file names upon uploading.

​Stanford Profile

  • ​Adjusted lists displays to use HTML lists for increased accessibility.
  • Updated help text on media caption field text 
  • Added twitter card metadata for person content
  • Added <object> and <param> to allowed tags in embeddables 
  • People term pages: display only child terms groupings 
  • Added Stanford Courses and Importer
  • Permits the use of multiple basic page types and changed widget
  • Configured display location to only display location address once for event list
  • Adjusted profile link URL for Stanford-only profiles when using the person importer
  • Created shared tags vocabulary, fields, and lists
  • Added responsive table support
  • Adjusted taxonomy term pages for events, news, people, etc to expose layout builder for users with that access.

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Set up the footer text to inherit the smaller size ​
  • Adjusted scheduler help text
  • Added utility classes for tables
  • Updated Decanter to version 6.2.7 

Bug Fixes

Stanford Events

  • Changed gray background of Mini Calendar to white

Stanford Media

  • Fixed bulk upload form for any private file paths

Stanford Person

  • Fixed don’t remove “~” in workgroups for the importer when using personal workgroups.

Stanford Profile

  • Fixes “do not require” lockup option select, prevent requiring lockup fields

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Fixed people term list style

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