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Stanford Sites v2.4.0 Released — 3/31/2022

Release Notes

Stanford Basic

  • Adjusted unpublished message on nodes that are scheduled

Stanford Events

  • Made News Events Mini Calendar available in layout builder
  • 80% Faster load time for the localist importer configuration form.

Stanford Media

  • Removed alt text on people images for lists and node pages

Stanford Migrate

  • Display imported field data using a read-only display on the content edit form.

Stanford Profile

  • Reduced available items in layout builder to avoid confusion and clutter.
  • Added and Enabled minimally branded theme
  • Updated Google Analytics to latest version (4.0) 
  • Updated path auto pattern for events, news, and people & some taxonomy terms
  • Adjusted full width layout for page title position 
  • Added and enabled webp for performance improvement
  • Allow id attribute for several wysiwyg tags
  • Added a third content block for the local footer
  • Added scheduler module and configured for all content types 
  • Updated text on "Load More" buttons to be more descriptive

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Made adjustments to the schedule module form displays 
  • Improvements to cache mechanisms to avoid unnecessary cache invalidation with menus & views.

Bug Fixes

Stanford Basic

  • Fixed the separator overhang on menus

Stanford Events

  • Fix to the hover on the current date

Stanford Migrate

  • Fixed CSV convert to UTF-8 

Stanford News

  • Fixed news list template when no date is available
  • Fixed the padding after a banner image on the news page

Stanford Profile

  • Fixed person list to show nested content
  • Fixed pathauto parent path generation 
  • Processed Localist html to fix <img> tag styles to attributes

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