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Stanford Sites v2.3.1 Released — 2/10/2022

Release Notes

Stanford Profile

  • Configured localist importer to forget old events 
  • Adjusted localist end dates for Smart Date "All Day" 
  • Added checkbox to hide site search in site settings

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Purged the source url cache when a redirect is saved 
  • Added sorting to the node bulk editing actions

Stanford Events

  • Constrained the event series components to the 10-of-12 col width

Stanford Publications

  • Improved the publications display in views  

Stanford Media

  • Adjusted image alt text description
  • Added oEmbed providers module to simplify adding new and correcting out-of-date Embed options

Cardinalsites and Leland D8 stacks

  • Updated Drupal to 9.3

Bug Fixes

Stanford Profile

  • “Load more” button focus moves to the added items.
  • Allow contributors to edit existing media items.

Stanford Basic

  • Fixed some issues with font awesome icons for “far” and “fas” sets

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