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Stanford Sites v2.3 Released — 12/09/2021

Release Notes

Stanford News

  • Fixed spacing around the related three across cards

Stanford Profile

  • Localist Events Importer
  • Use an access token to fetch Stanford-only profile images from CAP 
  • Removed taxonomy term on basic page card and list displays 
  • Added Font Awesome module for WYSIWYG icon support 

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Updated external link icon on headings 
  • Prevent fatal error when menu items aren’t routed during save
  • Removed the extra space above the button in lists 

Stanford Publications

  • Allow users to choose the citation format for the entire site

Stanford SSP Profile

  • Use the display name field if it is populated 

Bug Fixes

Stanford Profile

  • Fixed Font Awesome text styles

Stanford Publications

  • Fixed alignment of body text for imported publications. Note: If you have already imported publications, open the node page to “edit” and resave.

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