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Stanford Sites v2.2 Released — 10/21/2021

Release Notes

Stanford Basic 

  • Removed plus-sign from toggle text.

Stanford Media

  • On upload, image orientation will be set and image metadata will be removed.
  • Added embeddable validation plugin for allowing content editor embed entry.

Stanford News

  • Adjusted FA icon for the printer to "print."

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Added SiteImprove Analytics Javascript.
  • Configured Mathjax to only target equations in <p> tags.
  • Clear search results cache after a node saves.
  • Updated hook to add roles for users with custom LB content.

Stanford Publications

Stanford Profile

  • Added Publications help text.
  • Index intranet content.
  • Filter Events by the second instead of the day.
  • Updated help section text.
  • Added layout builder role.
  • Added a skip anchor block to the filtered Publications page.
  • Added and configured views bulk edit.
  • Bulk editing for News, Event, Publication, Person, and Basic Page.
  • Content cloning for News, Event, Publication, Person, and Basic Page.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to local site-search: text content within a page will be indexed to be included in local site-search results.

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