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Stanford Sites v2.1.4 Released — 09/16/2021

Release Notes

Stanford Events

  • Improved accessibility with event dates.

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Fixed logo display for intranet sites.

Stanford Basic

  • Upgraded Font Awesome library to 5.15.4.
  • Added an underline to the action link.

Stanford Profile

  • Added Editoria11y module with permissions for contributors.
  • Enabled rabbit hole taxonomy support to redirect from taxonomy terms.
  • Updated fields Help text.
  • Allowed new Google Analytics account ID format `G-`.

Bug Fixes

Stanford SSP

  • Fixed the destination path after SAML login so users land on the home page.

Stanford Events

  • Reduced Load More button size.

Stanford News

  • Changed the Load More button size.

Stanford Profile

  • Updated the sort order on list of Publications to recognize year, month and date of a publication.

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