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Stanford Sites v2.1.3 Release — 07/22/2021

Release Notes

Jumpstart UI

  • Removed empty <ul> tag in local footer template.
  • Used a regular link markup and stretched it over the image.
  • Removed the name attributes from the skip to main target.

Stanford Events

  • Added skip to main on the topic menu.
  • Fixed event date alignment on cards and lists of cards or default lists.
  • Fixed the person Call to Action template.
  • Added skip to secondary nav link.

Stanford News

  • Updated focus to meet accessibility criteria.
  • Added skip to main on the topic menu.
  • Added skip to secondary link.

Stanford Person

  • Added skip to main on the topic menu.
  • Fixed the filtered people list.
  • Added skip to secondary link. 

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Cleared the floats if used in the WYSIWYG for the medium and down breakpoints.

Stanford Profile

  • Allow menu placement under unpublished pages.
  • Replaced <h3> with <p> in views with no results text.
  • Require alt text on gallery images.
  • Added MathJax for TeX and LaTeX formula support.
  • Added URL text for link on Media with Caption paragraph.
  • Added and enabled the PDB module.
  • Added the skip to main content on list page layouts.
  • Corrected the events schedule display settings for pattern refactor.

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