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Stanford Sites v2.1.2 Released — 06/24/2021

Release Notes

Stanford Events

  • Changed from padding to margin to fix the Event cards.
  • Changed text size for Event title in card and list display.

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Fixed H2 styles that weren’t wrapping.
  • Changed "People" to "Users" in the admin toolbar.

Stanford SSP

  • Updated restriction to allow intranet websites to limit access by the user’s faculty, student, or staff affiliation.

Stanford Basic

  • Added "Back to Top" button.

Stanford Profile

  • Allowed restriction based on the person's affiliation to the university.
  • Enabled more paragraph components on News and People.
  • Disabled search module since search API is enabled and is more functional.
  • Removed the News headline field in favor of Title field.

Stanford Media

  • Edited embeddable retains its existing title.

Stanford News

  • Improved accessibility. 
  • Changed the text size for News and Events titles in lists and cards. 

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