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Stanford Sites v2.1.1 Released — 05/20/2021

Release Notes

Jumpstart UI

  • Hero banner overlay allows for positioning on the right.

Stanford SSP

  • Updated the SAML Workgroup API to Version 2 that will allow faster workgroup mapping and the ability to map nested & private workgroups.

Bug Fixes

React Paragraphs

  • Updated to allow a limited cookie to temporarily save form data.

Stanford Events

  • Fixed grey color on Past Events to meet accessibility standards.
  • Added ability to display speaker image.
  • Fixed title spacing.

Stanford Person

  • Fixed CAP API parameter string for SunetID import.

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Added teaser styles for Event series.
  • Fixed local footer color.

Stanford Publication

  • Added bottom margin to filtered list of Publications.
  • Added display of subtitle to book Citations.
  • Changing the node label will now change the Citation label.
  • Adjusted spacing for Publication Type.

Stanford Basic Page

  • Fixed A11Y for navigation menu.
  • Fixed word wrapping for long menu items.

Stanford Profile

  • Added bottom margin to intro content block above list of Events on Events page.
  • Added ability to filter user list.
  • Removed top margin from button on Lists.
  • Removed nested H2s.
  • Adjusted Citation author fields to prevent only first name data entry.
  • Updates to help text and forms.

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