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Stanford Sites v2.1.0 Released — 04/22/2021

Release Notes

Stanford Basic Page

  • Added experimental Page Metadata: Page Image, Page Description, and Page Type.

Stanford Events 

  • Added past Events as a view under Events in the List paragraphs.

Stanford Profile Helper 

  • Added ability for site managers to assign custom roles.
  • Added and configured content_lock to prevent simultaneous edits. 
  • Added display of Publications in the teaser paragraph.
  • Added better required-field handling for the global message. 

Stanford Publication 

  • Added “Other” Citation Type.
  • Added “All” as a topic term in the Filter by Menu on List Page. 

Bug Fixes 

Stanford Events

  • Adjusted subhead on the list of Events.

Stanford Media

  • Provided a message on media edit form to display how many places media is used.
  • Locked default field media items.

Stanford Profile 

  • Fixed padding to be on left and right for List paragraph displaying News items in card style.
  • Adjusted display for Publication teasers. 
  • Removed drop cap pseudo content: so that drop cap displays on firefox browsers.
  • Prevent unpublishing home, 403, or 404 pages. 
  • Allowed users to change the taxonomy term description text.

Stanford Publication

  • Visual styling fixes for Publications. 
  • Allowed authors to only require the last name field.

Stanford Basic

  • Fixed word-wrapping on long menu titles.

Stanford Profile

  • Disabled "Preview" button on Publication node form.
  • Disallowed image gallery media in the wysiwyg.
  • Fixed double nested H2 tags. 
  • Removed display of unpublished profiles in lists. 
  • Improved resolution for news card image style.

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