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Stanford Sites v2.0.1 Released — 03/18/2021

New Features

Stanford Events

Stanford Publication

Stanford Profile

  • Added ability to enable drop-down menus within the site settings config page.

Bug Fixes

Jumpstart UI

  • Fixed issue where embedded videos in the WYSIWYG wouldn’t display if aligned "right" or "left".
  • Fixed issue where embedded videos in the WYSIWYG wouldn’t display correctly if a caption was added.

React Paragraphs

  • Added ability to sort media library items.

Stanford Basic

  • Fixed issue where the underline focus indicator was missing on the down arrow in drop-down menus.
  • Fixed grid alignment issues for Event and People cards.
  • Added a margin-top to the title for pages that are generated (e.g. taxonomy term list pages).

Stanford Events

  • Adjusted the events list and card views to display all the same content in the same way.

Stanford News

  • Fixed spacing issues for news articles with external links and no image.

Stanford Person

  • Added spacing between the image and name on people lists.

Stanford Profile

  • Added improvements to the search functionality for more applicable search results
  • Adjusted the “More Publications” section on Publication node pages to display the three most recent items added.
  • Added missing "See All Publications” button on the “More Publications” section
  • Added a button allowing site managers the ability to edit a publication in the lists.
  • Adjusted the detailed publication page to display the publication type above the title instead of the topic term.
  • Removed the published checkbox on taxonomy terms forms that had no effect.

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Adjusted settings to only allow for 3 items per row on basic pages.
  • Adjusted the caption styling on gallery images to align with the “Media with Caption” paragraph type.
  • Fixed issue where the caret icon wasn’t displayed for headers with links.

Stanford Publication

  • Adjusted spacing for the Publication node page.

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