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Stanford Sites v1.5.1 Released — 12/10/2020

This is a minor release containing several bug fixes and small updates.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where two modals would appear if you double clicked on a link while editing a text area.

Jumpstart UI

  • Adjusted styling for videos added in paragraph types.

React Paragraphs

  • Fixed issue that displayed the WYSIWYG toolbar when the content is long.

Stanford Basic

  • Increased the text area character line length to better align with other paragraph types.
  • Fixed the alignment of media that are files added to the WYSIWYG.

Stanford Events

  • Modified the event schedule date formatting to account for multiple days.
  • Added separator for date field on schedules.
  • Fixed the past event label to work for articles without an event type.

Stanford Media

  • Adjusted caption padding for images added into text areas.
  • Added the ability to adjust the iframe height for Google Forms.

Stanford Person

  • Fixed issue where the taxonomy term title was repeated when loading more people on list pages.
  • Adjusted the right column padding on individual person pages.

Stanford Profile

  • Fixed issue where animated GIFS were not animating properly in mobile.
  • Adjusted paragraph views to allow for displaying nested taxonomy content.
  • Fixed issue where hyphens and other special characters were not displayed for imported people.

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Removed the action link and adjusted the colors for mailto links.

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