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Stanford Sites v1.5.0 Released — 11/18/2020

New Features

Stanford Profile

  • Added the Lists Paragraph for select pilot sites.
    • See Lists for more information.
  • Added the Teaser Paragraph for select pilot sites.
    • See Teaser for more information.
  • Added site manager access to contextual links so they can configure and delete blocks in the layout builder.
  • Added optional intro block on the News and Events list pages.

Stanford Basic

  • Added search box into the mobile menu.

Stanford Events

  • Added “Past Event” label on an Event Node page after the end date/time for the event has passed.

Bug Fixes

React Paragraphs

  • Resolved issue where special characters were not saving in text areas.
  • Resolved issue where editing an existing wysiwyg and only changing the link would result in the new link url not saving correctly.
  • Resolved link fields should retain uppercase characters.

Stanford Media

  • Resolved issue where the media library allowed you to choose more than the allowed number of items, causing the form to break.

Stanford Person

  • Adjusted imported Person profiles with no image to display the default SU logo image.
  • Fixed the importer to prevent the black circle for profile image if the users profile is not public.

Stanford Profile Helper

  • Resolved issue where some WYSIWYG styling was missing in the end-user display.
  • Adjusted the styles and icons for mailto buttons.

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