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Stanford Sites v1.2.0 Released — 05/21/2020

New Features

Stanford News

  • See News for more information.

Stanford Person

Stanford Notifications

  • The Notifications module will inform site managers and contributors of new releases within the site.

Bug Fixes

React Paragraphs

  • Resolved the edit alert for when the user is leaving the page and hasn’t made any changes.
  • Improved React Paragraph authoring experience for multiple-per-rows.
  • Resolved error that would occur when a media item that is in use is deleted. A message within the media modal if the media entity is no longer around.
  • Resolved <front> link issue.
  • Resolved hyperlinking issue for when site managers and contributors inputs an absolute URL.
  • Adjusted the multiple-paragraphs-per-row to display up to 3 per row.

Stanford Basic

  • Updated site manager and contributor editing experience.

Stanford Profile

  • Resolved a wrapping issue for the multi-row
  • Updated field labels on the card and banner paragraphs

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